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Opening: 3th March 2023 at 6 pm

Exhibition; 03.03- 17.03. 2023

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 5-8 pm

Location : Fabrikraum Kunstverein   Johnstrasse 25-27 R02/2 1150 Wien

The group exhibition “Please repeat, I am miles away” unites works of Ukrainian artists based in EU: Mark Chehodaiev, Margo Dubovska, Zina Isupova, Rita Kulyk, Ivan Sai.

Finding themselves in between contexts they are sharing similar sensations and feelings regarding personal experience and its relation to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The very personal and intimidating works compare the loss of the feeling of a safe space, constant mental presence and physical distance from Ukraine to the lack of ground under one’s foot.

The exhibition features works of diverse media that combine materiality and mental connotations to the context behind physical objects.

Creating a dialog between them - “Date of expiry”, by Ivan Sai and Rita Kulyk, is telling a story about the artists’ individual immigration experience, while the breathing hair flowing out of a suitcase in “I will find myself waiting” depicts Margo Dubovska’s personal experience of fleeing from the war. Focusing on the subject of presence and memory preservation Mark Chehodaiev shows “Scenes from the present”, along with Zina Isupova’s interactive collages that recreate the experience in her current urban context.