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"smart rainbow 7.0 (system)" by Rainbow Team (Laurus Edelbacher & Anna Watzinger) is a multimedia and continuously evolving art (research) project, in which the error display/cursor of macOS computer systems ("rotating rainbow cursor") serves as an interface to communicate the most urgent error of our times (global warming/climate change) through the prism/color spectrum of the rainbow, one of the most beautiful, poetic, artistically inspiring and scientifically (meteorological, physical, mathematical) fascinating phenomena and also a specific sociopolitically relevant symbol (rainbow colors).

#spinning/loading system #deep display #analysing deeper visual perception #sculpturing hacking #smart colors #7 x ref(r)act(oring)ing the beauty of errors #touch the beauty/error: be touched by beauty/errors to change your system colors #Seh(n)sucht #diverse liquid identities #choose your color mo(o)d(e) #rainbow all color nation #rainbow politics on 7 levels

Vernissage: 26.04.2024, 7pm

at Fabrikraum (Johnstraße 25-27, 1150 Wien)

Opening hours/The Rainbow Team is present: always Fridays (3/10/17/24 of May) from 4pm-7pm


Rainbow Fashion Dyeing Workshop in collaboration with Herta Müller Wort Collagen Workshop (Sezer Dilan Zırhlı) in the frame of the 1150 Bezirksfestwochen: Saturday 25.05. 2024, 2pm-6pm

Finissage & Rainbow Snacks in the frame of Space Index: 31.05.2024 2pm-10pm

"smart rainbow 7.0" livestream sculpture/installation:

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(Foto: Lea Dörl & Anna Watzinger)

The installation "smart rainbow 7.0" links the error display/cursor of (older) macOS computers with both the meteorological/physical phenomenon of the rainbow and the topic of global warming to communicate the fragile, colorful/diverse nature/environment under the threat of climate change, by using the ephemeral/tender elements of the rainbow (encounter), (frozen, colored) water and (electric) light for „downloading“ the macOS „rotating rainbow error cursor“ via seven ice sculptures into the real, technically upgraded space of a white freezer box. The white freezer box (in contrary of the black box) acts as a "smart white transparent/open box" for its users, in which a web("weather")cam is constantly "uploading" its rotating content ("the rainbow error ice cursor") back into a digital appearance of a Macbook screen outside of the freezer box.
Each water drop of the rainbow is acting like an imprecise natural prism, fractionizing the for human's visible sunlight in its seven spectral colors. Hence, the rainbow communicates the principle of visual human perception, which is traditionally closely linked to the approach of the media arts practice.
Politically, the color sequences of the rainbow were used by alternative communities or socio-political left movements as a symbol for freedom, tolerance and peace (as well as raising awareness of nature/environment protection), criticizing the errors of the majoritarian right-wing, conservative establishment of the (post-) war generation. Nowadays, the rainbow spectrum is celebrating a strong (online very visible) comeback since the globally growing LGBTQIA+ communities are using the rainbow colors for their diversity (multiple gender acceptance) debates.
In the digital system the " rotating rainbow error cursor" is literally and ambiguously displaying some unknown error in the macOS operating system since Apple is known for its exploitative working conditions worldwide (as many other IT- companies as well) and the quite nontransparent and locked operating system of their hard- und software products.

"smart rainbow 7.0" attempts to artistically hack the structure of the black box of nowadays on- and offline algorithms/ behaviors, showing the errors of our days like the fragile ice model rotating forever (in the white freezer box) as our frozen/paralyzed circuit, rejecting the hard facts and irreversible consequences climate change causes and will cause if we don't change our system now.
Summarized, the rainbow spectrum, one of the most meteorologically poetic and physically fascinating phenomena, acts both digitally (Apple products, black box, working + consumption capitalism) and analogously (raising awareness for alternative lifestyle and gender diversity) as a symbol for errors in the system, communicating also that all colors/diversity in any regard (nature: fauna/flora, humans: appearance/opinions/bio) create the most beautiful/healthy system for the world.


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In line with the third participation of the exhibition “Καιρός – recall of earth III" (2021), the entire physical installation "smart rainbow 7.0" including all related documentation/research material (in progress), was precisely "smart rainbow 7.0 – conceptually "uploaded” into the virtual online space.The website www.smartrainbow7punkt0.systems is like its anchored physical installation an interface (#deep display), which by means of the rainbow and the macOS “rotating rainbow error cursor", "the display = touch of the error" (#climate change+causes) is “7 x dispersive rainbow conceptually” fractionized. Hence, these seven rotating error cursors or floating light particles, which function as the seven chapters of the website, represent each one color of the rainbow, assigned to a media category/form of appearance, whereupon related content is uploaded on the media specific online platform/cloud in the www, embedded via inline frame on the website, or provided via hyperlink if x-frame lock is active. www.smartrainbow7punkt0.systems becomes a virtual, synesthetic prism, which technical structure and appearance consist quasi of the same quantities (physics: electromagnetic frequency of current and light=photons=immaterial+angular momentum, mathematics: programming and angle of observation, refractive index) as the natural scientific description of the rainbow.
"SKULPTUResponsiveHOME", the fifth chapter/color (cyan#7ffffe) of the www.smartrainbow7punkt0.systems, visualizes the media category sculpture, which is realized as an interactive, "responsive", virtual 3D environment, where the (magic) freezer box is playing the narrative leading role. The freezer box reveals 7 system errors (3D objects + related pop up text) causing climate change/global warming among other reasons.The embedded context/content of each 3D-object is thematized in the first website chapter "Kapitel 1, Roter Rsegenbogenfehleranzeigecursor, Farbe Rot, Medienkategorie Text, Plattform docs.google.com, Systemfehler 1...: https://www.smartrainbow7punkt0.systems/text.html. (chapter header: "Die 7 Kapiteln/drehende Cursors/Regenbogenfarben/ Medienkategorien/online Dienste/Plattformen..." )

"smart rainbow 7.0" climate change monitoring:

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The further development of "smart rainbow 7.0 (system)" for the (exhibition) year 2024 focuses even more on the topic of climate change by providing a scientific and interactive experience for visitors. Global warming is visualized by the rotation speed of the livestream ice sculpture ("rotating rainbow error cursor") inside the freezer box of the "smart rainbow 7.0" installation by comparing real time temperature data, captured from the GeoSphere Austria online weather archive (https://data.hub.geosphere.at/dataset/klima-v2-1d).
Via a specially for this occasion programmed (Flutter) Android app including a precisely designed "smart rainbow 7.0" interface, complemented/linked with the 3D- and text based content of www.smartrainbow7point0.systems, the visitors are welcome to control the stepper motor speed of the turntable holding the ice sculpture. By using an API, the app accesses the online weather archive (current-1855) of the "Hohe Warte Wien" of GeoSphere Austria and compares the selected historical daily temperature average value with the current daily temperature average value in real time. The calculated temperature difference value controls the rotation speed of the ice sculpture turntable motor via the program code, a microcontroller including the bluetooth interface and motor driver. This means that the visitors can select on the white "smart rainbow 7.0 Climate Change Monitoring"- tablet any historical (technically the day before yesterday till 1855) daily temperature value from Vienna, which is then compared in real time with the current daily temperature (technically always one day before). The greater/higher the temperature difference, the faster the ice sculpture is rotating inside the freezer box. If the values are reversed like the historical daily temperature values are warmer than the current temperature values, the rotation of the livestream ice sculpture slows down according to the size of the temperature difference value. If the historical and current daily temperature values are equal, the ice sculpture stops moving.

In the glow of a screen, under digital skies,
Spinning rainbow wheels, where the error lies.

A system in flux, in a world of change,
Climate's shifting beat, in a digital range.

Frozen sculptures melt, in a box of dreams,
Smart rainbow's tale, where the future gleams.

Error codes and streams, in a climate dance,
In the tech's embrace, we take a chance.

Rainbow cursor spins, a climate warning sign,
In the code of life, where our fates entwine.

Through a webcam's eye, the truth is shown,
In the smart white box, the future's grown.

In the rhythm of change, in the system's heart,
Where the digital and the real, no longer apart.

Spinning rainbow's cry, in a climate song,
In this tech-woven world, we must be strong.

AI (chatGPT) generated pop song (command) based on the overall written concept of smart rainbow 7.0 - "website chapter 1,
red rainbow error indicator cursor, color red, media category text, platform docs.google.com, system error 1...": https://www.smartrainbow7punkt0.systems/text.html


®ainbow Team


INVESTigatOR of deeper visual perception

Rainbow Street 7, 11110 Amman (JOR)

Rainbow City, Colon (PAN)
Tel.: 007497774977
Email: smartrainbow7punkt0system@gmail.com
facebook: ALT: Raina Bowling; NEU: Regina Boginger
UID-Nr: RT 777777

CV-chronology of "smart rainbow 7.0 (system)" updates:

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